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Established since 2017, Old Town Fitness (OTF) Studio targets to provide over-the-top workout facilities to fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. Complete with equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells, battle rope, bars and sandbags, OTF Studio provides various exercise classes like indoor bootcamp, functional training, total body conditioning, Muay Thai, self defense, boxing and high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions on daily basis as well as serving corporate clients at their locations.

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Our Programs

We cater all types of training suitable for all walks of life and ages. All our workouts are scale-able and adjustable according to one’s fitness level.


MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning)
Simply referred as structured patterns of work and rest intervals to extract desired responses from the body. Usually to maximize efficiency of overall energy system. Definitely a combo of high intensity and functional movements which constantly vary.

Take your cardio and strength workout to the next level. Simple applied boxing methods to give you maximum burn which get you sweat buckets.

Muay Thai
A popular form of combat sport. OTF brings you Muay Thai to cater you another option and tackle your fitness regimen in various way possible.

Total body workout with elements of dynamic and ballistic plus strength in an odd way. Definitely sheds off more inches of those waist lines.

Self Defense
Self defense is another program OTF has to offer. It promotes self-conscious and awareness of the surrounding, making sure that in intense situation, what is the best way possible to react to get out of the situation without getting harmed or threatened.

Personal Training
Our coach has ample experience in training clients one-on-one basis. This allows personalized focus and customized programs to each individual, based on their own fitness level.

Corporate Fitness Weekly Training Program


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Our Coach

Coach Wan, founder and head coach of Old Town Fitness Studio, with 10 years of experience in coaching is a fitness freak himself. His passion in the fitness industry has never dimmed a bit since his first step into the industry.

Coach Wan’s certifications:

CF Level 1 (2014) – Singapore
WMC Muay Thai Pad Master Level 1 certified trainer (2009) – Kuala Lumpur
Free Motion Trainer (2008) – Kuala Lumpur
PT Level 1 (2007) – Kuala Lumpur
PT on the Net (2007) – Kuala Lumpur
Jurulatih Silat Seni Pusaka Gayong (2008) – Kuala Lumpur


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Address :
Old Town Fitness Studio (002601314-X), 11C, Jalan 51A/227A, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Contact no. : 010-793 1249

Email : oldtownfitnessstudio@gmail.com
Instagram : otf_studio